Sylvain Tegroeg - Forest


Sylvain Tegroeg - Forest

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Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is a simple game of intricate complexity. The bridge that spans this paradoxical gap is an abundance of captivating, bustling, cartoon humanity that visually distracts and refocuses the player in a constant sequence. Creators Adriaan De Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg have mentioned the visual similarity between Hidden Folks and Martin Handford's ubiquitous Where's Waldo series of books, but from a wider historical perspective Hidden Folks could be read as a contemporary video game distillation of the collective portraits of Pieter Breugel the Elder's or the overwhelming tableaux vivants of Hieronymus Bosch. Outside of the live video game experience, the overflowing visual detail of hidden folks can function as a game while in print form: this particular scene is complete with a guide (stashed at the bottom of the image) for what individuals and features you should find while gazing at Forest

Sylvain Tegroeg is a product designer and illustration based in Amsterdam. Hidden Folks is his first collaboration with Adriaan de Jongh, a game designer based in Amsterdam known for such titles as Bounden and Fingle.


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