Final Launch Announcement: Cardboard Computer's Kentucky Route Zero!

It's been an incredible week and we have one more big announcement that we have been keeping under our hats. Tonight, we will also be exhibiting three pieces from Kentucky Route Zero, the poetic, episodic, and atmospherically groundbreaking point-and-click narrative by Cardboard Computer.

Act I

Act I

Each piece represents a key moment from the three acts that have been released so far. Each stands in as a monumental, yet multivalent abstract of the numerous emotionally charged locations and characters found throughout the game.

We couldn't be more thrilled to be exhibiting these images, but you must come in person to see them! Not only because the print quality is an entirely different experience than the web images seen here, but also because they are an in-gallery exclusive. You can only see them in person at VGA events!

Each piece is 20x27'' and have been printed by master printer Aron Gent of Document.

Cardboard Computer is the group name for artists Jake Elliot, Tamas Kemenczy, and Ben Babbitt. They operate out of Chicago amongs other parts of the country and have received wide recognition for Kentucky Route Zero and The Entertainment.

Act II

Act II



Samurai Gunn silk screen by Jesse Tise added to collection

We are very excited to announce the first silk screen print in the VGA collection: a limited edition by Jesse Tise for Beau Blyth's platform fighting smash Samurai Gunn.

The edition has been printed by Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff of Galerie F and Fugscreens Studios. Each print is 18''x18'' and comes in one of two color variants.


Beau Blyth (aka Teknopants) released Samurai Gunn in 2014 in the wake of a renaissance of pixel-art based fighting games like Towerfall and Nidhogg. Samurai Gunn cleanly distinguishes itself within the genre, mixing Extended Graphics Array-era aesthetics and the pace and dynamics of martial arts film conventions. The combination creates speed and momentary freezes in action that wouldn’t be possible in the XGA-era, yet revels in the character and scenery articulation invoked by the pixel art of the early 1990’s. This silkscreen design for the game by Jesse Tise associates the title with even more histories and styles. The playable warrior Hayao is depicted in a manner that sits somewhere between comix, street art and the Chicago Imagist style.

Jesse Tise is an illustrator and designer based in South Pasadena, CA. He is the author of the comic book Electric Candyland, as well as a number of other comic books and two-dimensional work.

Beau Blyth is a visual artist and game maker who has produced such titles as Samurai Gunn, 0Space, Shoot First, Action Fist, Fish Face, Das Uberleben and the forthcoming Hyper Light Drifter. He is based in Los Angeles, California.

See it Friday 8/8 6-8pm at Galerie F. Samurai Gunn is available for purchase on the game's official website.